Area Churches, Lachine

Area Churches, Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Lachine Branch

James Carpenter was the first missionary to preach in the area around Lachine. He baptized several and held meetings in the Dent School and in the Walter Richardson home as well as other places.

On November 8, 1911, an organizational meeting was held at the home of Ebenezer Van Meer. There were 23 chapter members. Rather than purchase and move the Van Meer home, which was the meeting house, it was decided to repair the building where it stood and use it just for that winter. In July of that year it was decided to build a church on a lot near Goodman's store in Lachine. On November 7, 1915, the church in Lachine was dedicated by Apostle J. F. Curtis. On October 13, 1924, the belfry of the church was finally finished with a debt of $25.00. The records report that on June 13, 1943, a one day meeting was held in Lachine and that a good crowd attended "in spite of gas and tire rationing".

The church since has been greatly improved and additions built, windows changed, pews improved, rugs laid, and all through the work and donations of the congregation. There is now a Junior Choir, both Junior and Senior Zion's Leagues and Bible School, almost twice as many as were the number of charter members of the original church. In 1957 there were 118 members of the church, certainly a tremendous growth.