Area Churches, Long Rapids (2)

Area Churches, First Congregational United Church of Christ, Long Rapids

On June 9, 1909, a meeting of persons interested in establishing a Congregational Church in the area was held in the Brown School. Officers elected were Walter Morrison, Sr., Chairman; John Thomson, Clerk; George McConnell, Treasurer. A building committee was named and the decision made to hold services in the Macabee Hall with Fred Errington as minister. One week later the First Congregational Church of Long Rapids was incorporated with 32 members. The church was completed in November of 1910 and was built of cement blocks which were made by John Thomson in his own frame which produced one block at a time. These sturdy homemade cement blocks have withstood the years and the original church is still in use.

In the latter part of the 1880's the tall stately Methodist church, known as the Donnelly Chapel, was built on a hill one mile and one half west of Long Rapids. After long years of use this building became unsafe. In 1924 the people were invited to worship with the members of the Congregational Church of Long Rapids. In 1925 the Methodist members united with the Congregatational members. The Methodist church was torn down and was never rebuilt.

The Educational and Fellowship Unit was possible only through the gifts of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wise. The unit was started in April, 1962 and was dedicated on May 26, 1963.