Area Churches, Long Rapids (1)

Area Churches, Grace Episcopal Mission, Long Rapids

Grace Episcopal Mission Church was the first church in the Long Rapids area. It was the only open country church in the diocese at the time of organization. Lumbering was the chief industry of the community when the church was established in 1882. The pioneers set aside the acre of land and built their house of worship. The pews and the paneling of wainscoating were made from native pine. Kerosene lamps were used for lighting and these lamps were later wired for electricity. The alter came from the Hillman church and the baptismal font and alter rail came from the Trinity church of Alpena. A beautiful stained glass window overlooked the latter. This window was given in memory of William LeRoy who was the chief agitator for the establishment of the church. Twelve other people were in the original group. Vicar Buckley was in charge of the services. In 1952 the new parish house was completed. Then in 1956 the church burned. A new structure was erected on the same site located one half mile west of the village of Long Rapids and was dedicated in 1957. At present more than 80 families attend.