Area Churches, St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Posen

Area Churches, St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Posen

The 90th anniversary of St. Paul's Lutheran Church of Posen was celebrated in May of 1968. A former pastor, the Reverend William Schoenow, now of Richville, Michigan preached the sermon. In 1878, the first missionary in the area, Reverend Phillip Bohn, organized the congregation of St. Paul near Posen on the Bolton Road. He also organized St. John's of Rogers City, St. Michael's of Belknap and Immanuel of Moltke.

In the beginning services were held in the homes of church members. A small building was later utilized. This same building later served as a school and now is the parish hall. In 1897, the present church was built and in recent years has been extensively renovated by the members.

The first resident pastor was the Reverend David Ehman who also started a parochial school conducted by the resident pastors who taught and instructed the children in German, English and Christianity. After 1925 the school was discontinued.

Charter members were Edward Behning, Louis Green, Julius Behning, August Blemke, Carl Schmoldt, William Barke, Carl Trapp, August Miller, Louis Schroeder and Carl Hahn.

Among the first marriages were those of Mr. & Mrs. Gust Blemke, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Bocker, Mr. & Mrs. William Bocker, Mr. & Mrs. Max Felax and Mr. & Mrs. Henry Brandt.

Since 1900, the pastors serving St. Paul's have been: Rev. Joseph Schoek, E. E. L. Marzinski, H. W. Essign, William G. A. Essign, E. Bartusch, John Marshall, Arthur Hahn, F. W. Heumann, Ed Schmidt, Arthur Walker, William Schoenow, Otto Koenig, Ralph Unger, Robert Weller and Louis Linn. The present pastor is Herman Heinecke.

At least one member has gone in the ministry. The Reverend Walter Sommerfeld now serving in Pennsylvania, is the sone of Mr. & Mrs. Emil Sommerfeld whose house and barn still stand just behind the church. St. Paul's now boasts 70 members and 53 communicants. Present offices are Elders Martin Suszek, Ermin Blemke and Victor Hahn; Trustees are Arthur Miller, Harry Weise and Rolland Miller. Rev. Herman Heinecke is Chairman.

The women of St. Paul's are members of a Ladies Aid Society which holds dinners and bake sales to raise money which is used to help with the upkeep and repair of the church. The new organ is only one of their many accomplishments.

Sunday School is taught by the women of the church and has a membership of nine youngsters, all but one being boys. Catechism class is taught by Pastor Heinecki, and the next confirmation will be in May of 1971.